Why Still More than a Hundred Year Old Methodolgy Of Teaching English?

Since English (British) people ruled the sub-continent and people were compelled to learn English. People began to learn English. But there has always been a controversy in teaching methodology of English language. Like the Kashmir issue, it hasn’t been decided how English can be taught affectively. There are two main groups that have different point of view for teaching English language. One group says that English should be taught as a mother tongue, (they are against translation method and teaching grammar or rules of the language) giving example that like a person lives among any language people speaks their language without translation, or like a child learns its mother tongue by listening and speaking only. The other group is of the opinion that it’s easier to learn any language by learning its grammar.

Both the groups are right to have such opinions to great extent. Both the methods are right to be used and both the ways may prove to be wrong. How…? It has been observed that in the beginning the students who have been learning in English medium schools, are able to converse and understand English, but they don’t know grammar. To learn English grammar, they join language centres. They learn English through listening and speaking. Now if one teaches them grammar through translation method, they will be confused. They are supposed to be taught every thing in English. They will enjoy learning and soon be good at grammar too.

In this way, one who doesn’t know anything about English and has been a student of Non-English medium school, if taught English as a mother tongue will take longer and feel difficulty to learn English. But if taught as an other tongue (translation method) will learn sooner.

So, both the methods can be used but seeing the level of the student. It has been observed and experienced. If one wants the best results, may try the mentioned methodology, keeping position in mind.

The More, In-Sha-Allah, in the next episode.

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I am an English language teacher. I have made English very simple for everyone to learn it very easily. I have changed arrangement of topics taught usually. It makes learning English easier than ever. The method has been liked by everyone, specially by Madaris students, Islamic scholars and the weak students. I have taught English for over 20 years to students from Schools, colleges, university, Madaris, advocates etc. I teach English through What's App, Zoom etc.

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